Experience 34 Degrees Crisps

Welcome to the home of lighter, crispier, all-natural crackers that are simply good to eat. We created 34º Crisps as the perfect companion to the world’s favorite cheeses, but the truth is we love them straight from the box, too. Try our two newest flavors, Poppy Seed Crisps and Toasted Onion Crisps.

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Take a tasty tour of some of our gourmet pairings. Think of our crisps as a the perfect host for a delicious multitude of ingredient guests. Welcome to the party!


34 Degrees Crisps are an absolutely perfect accompaniment to American artisan cheese.

David Gremmels, Cheesemaker — Rogue Creamery

Cheesemakers always look for understated crackers to highlight the attributes of their cheese. I like the 34° Crisps with a hint of pepper. It is subtle, not filling, and perfectly elegant to pair with a special artisan goat cheese.

Allison Hooper, Cheesemaker — Vermont Butter & Cheese

Every time I go to a party and see that 34° Crisps are being served, I know it’s going to be a great party.

Jill — Los Angeles, CA